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Fire Protection

Experts in Passive Fire Protection and Fire Rated Paint Technology

Mike Bailey is one of Victoria’s most experienced painters of fire protective and fire retardant paint.

Mike and his team also specialise in implementing comprehensive fire containment systems and can provide advice and installation of various fire protection accessories including sealants, downlight covers, fire-rated collars, fire-rated access panels, hatches, etc.

More than ever before, we have at our fingertips the technology and knowledge to be able to prevent tragic human death due to our buildings catching fire.

Fire Ratings

Local councils and other governmental bodies have also realised this and have begun to take action by enforcing higher fire-ratings on all publicly-used commercial and privately-owned buildings in their domain including new, existing and heritage structures.

Safety Orders

Councils issue fire safety orders on buildings that they deem to have the most inadequate fire protection between the ceilings, floors and walls that separate the occupancies of multi-unit buildings including nursing homes, apartment buildings and accommodation providers.

Traditional Fixes

The traditional fixes to these fire code hazards include replacing ceilings with fire-rated linings or installing extensive sprinkler systems: both of which are time-consuming and costly renovation options.

Fortunately, there is a safe, non-destructive option to achieve the required fire rating on existing buildings that is cost effective and can be completed in days rather than months: intumescent, fire-rated paint technology.

Mike Bailey - Fire Retardent Paint

Fire Retardent Paint

CAP 508 is a marketing-leading intumescent (fire-retardant) paint that has been successfully used for years to bring buildings into compliance with new council fire safety orders and regulations. 

The only fire-rated paint system that achieves a rating of 60 and 90 minutes of fire separation on existing ceiling substrates, the CAP 508 intumescent paint expands in a fire to form a 50mm thick char layer that insulates and protects the surfaces underneath.

This superior fire retardant spray can only be applied by qualified professional painters and is spray-coated to result in a high-quality texture and a smooth finish. This gives your project the option of being top-coated with a preferred colour or alternative finish.

Exterior Protection

For exterior surfaces, Mike Bailey is a qualified applicator of the fireshell form Exfire.

Exfire is proven, flexible exterior-rated intumescent paint technology which provides bushfire-resistant timber applications for the unique Australian Climate.  All its products are low-VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), water-based fire rated coatings.

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Mike Bailey - Exterior Fire Protection

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